English Writing Workshop

English Writing Workshop



The English writing workshop helps students identify and correct their errors in written work with the aid of an English teacher. You may sign up online ahead of time for an appointment to get help with the written style in your essays in various courses, to get help with any writing or grammar questions, or to go over old essays or exams once they have been corrected and returned to you. Check out our teacher testimonials.


The workshop is open to all students.



You must book an appointment online.

English Writing Workshop Online Schedule - Winter 2024

Choose a time slot that suits you, and enter your name and student number

Note: You may send (as a Word document, via MIO) your written work to the teacher you have signed up with before the date and time indicated

On the date and time you have signed up for, remember to click on the hyperlink to sign in.

Attendance will be taken.

For more info contact your English teacher.