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DEC PATHWAY (081.06)

The DEC Pathway is a transition semester for students who wish to have extra time and help in moving from high-school to college studies. The DEC Pathway is not a program itself, but it normally leads to a regular program in your second semester. That program will take longer to complete. However, the DEC Pathway will include some of your required general education courses (English, French, Humanities or Physical Education) and often one or two of the concentration courses for the DEC you wish to eventually complete.

The DEC Pathway may be for you if you would be at greater risk of academic difficulty without the additional time and assistance. It is also available to applicants who need to complete pre-requisite high school courses before being admitted to the DEC program of their choice. While St. Lawrence does not offer such courses directly, they may be completed through adult education at the secondary level on a part-time or full-time basis.

The DEC Pathway consists of a flexible mix of the following:

  • Reduced course load
  • Teacher mentor
  • Student peer support or tutoring
  • Workshops covering various skills needed to succeed in college

If you are interested in the DEC Pathway, you will still be able to indicate the program you wish to eventually enter in second semester. It is best to be in contact with our Academic Advisor as early as possible.