Printing in the library

Printing information

Every student will receive 2.50$ every start of the semester (5.00$/year) for printing.

If you exceed this amount you need to recharge more credits before printing

  • Credit card: In Omnivox (you can do it yourself)
  • Cash: At the front desk
  • Debit: At the business offices between IT and the front desk


Print from any library computer

To print, simply open your document then choose 20201 printer in the list. 20201 is set as the printer by default (but make sure it is selected)

Single-sided and double-sided printing are available.

The Printer is located in room 256 in the talking room of the library

Costs: $0.07 per single-sided page / $0.10 per double-sided page


Print from your laptop or other device

Method 1:

  • Go to Papercut online by clicking the image below
  • Choose double-sided or single-sided printing
  • Choose library printer 20201

Method 2:

  • Go to the printer in the hallway outside the library
    • A step-by-step tutorial sheet is available
  • Check if you have enough money in your personal account (if not, you can recharge by credit card in your Omnivox, by cash at the front desk, or by debit at the business office located between IT and the front desk)

Note: The printer allows only single-sided printing. You can’t print from your laptop to the printer inside the talking room (256).


Printing troubleshooting: how to print a PDF (W.2017 update) tutorial here.