Incomplete Courses

For an incomplete course, students may sometimes receive a special transcript notation rather than a final grade. There are two types of incompletes: temporary incompletes (IT) and permanent incompletes (IN).

A temporary incomplete (IT) may be assigned for a limited period if you are granted extra time beyond the formal end of the semester to complete required papers or to write the final exam. An "IT" will appear on your transcript instead of a grade until the final grade is updated. A temporary incomplete is granted only for serious reasons by the Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs, in consultation with your teacher. Speak with your teacher or the Academic Advisor for more information on whether this could apply to your situation. If it does, you will be required to respect the new deadline. If you do not respect the new deadline, your grade will reflect only the course work done during the semester. More details are available in the Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA). 

A permanent incomplete (IN) may be assigned by the Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs if you are unable to complete an academic session for serious medical reasons. You need to obtain a Request for Permanent Incompletes Form from the Academic Advisor. The form must be completed by a health professional, and it authorizes the Dean to communicate directly with the health professional if deemed necessary. The Request for Permanent Incompletes Form is a confidential document and is placed in a sealed envelope as part of your file, but it will be examined by Ministry auditors. No permanent incompletes will be granted without properly completed supporting documents.