The Lion'S Log - Student Newspaper

SLC Student Newspaper

With the Covid-19 situation, having access to reliable information is crucial. This is why St. Lawrence is launching its new student online newspaper. 

We are currently looking for students who would like to share their skills and interest in journalism, photography, or web design to help us put on track this great project. You would like to write about current affairs, politics, sport tournaments, sociocultural events, movie reviews, opinion pieces or illustrate these articles with your pictures? 


  • Editor-in-chief: Overseas all phases of the journal, gives out the roles, columns and stories to journalists. Proofreads the articles. Leads the group and organizes the different meetings.

  • Journalist: Researches/attend school events/interview to write the articles

  • Photograph: Attends school events and takes pictures for the articles

  • Website designer: Designs the newspaper's website to upload the articles

To register :

Registered students will be contacted.

For more details, contact Camille Larose and Clara Roy by MIO.