Financial Aid / Loans & Bursaries

Financial Aid / Loans & Bursaries

The services

The purpose of the program is to enable individuals with insufficient financial resources to pursue their studies by providing financial assistance. Students do, however, retain primary responsibility for the cost of their education.

For whom

The Loans and Bursaries Program is meant for full-time students or students deemed full-time in occupational training, college or university programs. In all cases, enrollment must be in an educational institution that is recognized by the Minister.

When and where

All the information is available online Applying online is strongly recommended to avoid unnecessary delays. If you are submitting your first or subsequent application, this page explains how you apply:

Another interesting tool to know about is the online assessment tool: 
You can estimate the amount of financial aid you might receive for a given year.

For more information

If you need help, you may contact Joanne Gosselin, office  201.