Library FAQ

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Regular Library hours: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Please note that the library is closed on weekends.

When the library is closed, books can be returned via the book-drop outside the library.

Library hours can change; please check the wall outside the library or the Library Community in Omnivox to see the current schedule.

If you are looking for a specific book, go to our Library Catalog


If the title is distinctive, the record will probably appear at the top of your search results. Check the Location (e.g., Library Shelves, Closed stack, Circulation) and take down the Call Number. This information will lead you to the book’s exact location in the library.

If Borrowed is mentioned in book status, then the item is not available. If you want to borrow the book next, you can place a hold (please see "How can I reserve/place a hold on a book").

If you have searched for the title, and do not see a record for your book, you can do an entirely new search for the author alone using field author keyword this time. If we have a copy of the book, this search should find the record.

If you can't find the book, then we may have a copy in an electronic version in our e-book section (for online reading only, on and off campus).

If the book is listed as a required text in your course outline, please see "I forgot my book I needed to bring for my class. What can I do?".

Still having trouble find a book? Look at our video tutorials in the FAQ section (below this one).

You can also send a MIO (Slclib) or an email ( or come in person for additional help or tips.

Online tutorials to use Koha, our new Library software. Posted with bywatersolutions permission.







To print from your laptop, wirelessly

Method 1:

  • Go to Papercut online by clicking the image below
  • Choose double-sided or single-sided printing
  • Choose library printer 20201

Method 2:

  • Go to the printer in the hallway outside the library
    • A step-by-step tutorial sheet is available
  • Check if you have enough money in your personal account (if not, you can recharge by credit card in your Omnivox, by cash at the front desk, or by debit at the business office located between IT and the front desk)

Note: The printer allows only single-sided printing

Printing costs

Printing costs $0.07 per one-sided page and $0.10 per two-sided page.

Every student receives $2.50 at the start of each semester ($5.00/year) in printing credits.


Printing FYIs

Please note that all the printer’s don’t provides color’s printing and the printer (to print from your laptop) in the hallway print only one-sided.

The library provides Staples, clips, and other printing tools.


Where is the printer?

From library computers: the Library printer is located in Room 256 (the Talking Room).

From your laptop: the printer is in the hallway in front of the library.


How can I add money to my printing account?

Credit card: In Omnivox (you can do it yourself)

Cash: At the front desk

Debit: At the business office (located between IT and the front desk)


If I can't print, what's happening?

There are several possible answers

  • Did you use up all the money you have in your printing account?
  • Did you choose the right printer?
  • Make sure you're not on the PDF printer (in printing options).
  • Trouble printing a pdf file ? See the document here.
  • There's no paper or toner left in the printer (in which case the info will appear on the printer itself).


If you have any questions, ask library staff.

WARNING: Do not attempt to photocopy a library book; it will snap either the book or the printer. Photocopies are for paper only!

The Library printer in room 256 is also a photocopier.

To use the photocopier please follow these steps:

  • Enter your student number
  • Choose Next
  • Enter your student number (again)
  • Choose Enter
  • Enter your student password
  • Choose Enter
  • Put the original papers on the top of  the cart printed side facing upwards. Remove all staples or paper clips before printing.
  • Follow the instructions available on the printer screen and choose printing options
    • 1, 2, 3... copies
    • one sided- single sided
    • paper size
  • Be careful to logout so nobody else can use your account.

For additional help, please ask the library staff

The following rules apply to the study rooms:

  • Study rooms are for teamwork; you cannot reserve a room if you are alone.
  • Room reservations are for groups of 2 to 6 people, and cannot exceed this.
  • You can reserve a room ahead of time (up to 1 week MAX)
  • Reservations have a maximum length of 2 hours.
  • No food or drinks are tolerated in the study rooms at any time. You reservation can be cancelled without further notice if you are not respecting this rule.

To reserve a room, visit us at the circulation desk in person, or you can make a reservation online through MIO (Slclib) or email (

Go to the Library Circulation Desk or phone us at ext. 230.  You can also send a MIO to slclib or e-mail us.


The rooms available are:

  • Room 254 (for groups between 2 to 6)
  • Room 255 (For groups between 2 to 5)
  • Room 256-1 (For groups between 2 to 4)
  • Room 257 (For groups between 2 to 4) This room also include a TV. No personal content or movies tolerated.

Room reservation general policies.

Go to Unlocking Research

This is an online guide developed to help you navigate your way through the research process, from the initial definition and development of your research topic to the final citation of your sources in your bibliography.

You can also drop by at the library and ask for the documentation technician.

Yes, you can access all library databases off campus.

Go to Don Petzel Library on OMNIVOX.
Please login using instructions written on Library Omnivox community to access our databases, e-books and e-encyclopedias.

Any problems? Send us a MIO at Slclib.

You can find citation tools in the research and citation help section. Most tools are in English. You have also access there to Champlain - St. Lawrence French Department official Guide de présentation des travaux en français.

You can also have access to the live chat here :

Several steps

  • Check for the title you need in our library catalogue
  • Note as much information as possible about the book
  • You can request the book in person (at the circulation desk) or online by MIO (Slclib) or email (
  • We'll advise you by MIO as soon as the document is available at circulation desk.



Failure to pick up the book when it becomes available will result in a fine of $5.00

Failure to return the book on time will result in an overdue fine of $5.00 per day

Loan duration is 2 weeks. It takes 2-4 weeks to have the book on campus.

The library has a dedicated section for all books you need to buy for class. It is to help when you forget your copy. You can’t borrow it the whole semester; you can only borrow it one day, and return it before the library close (or in the drop box).

By yourself :

  • Free of charge if you are living in Quebec City
    • All you need to do is go into a Quebec public library, then get your membership card (also free)
    • Once you have your library membership, you can sign up to Laval’s resources online for free
  • We do suggest doing it yourself if you live in Quebec City

With the Library:

  • Cost of 15$/session (30$/year)
  • You need to fill out a form every Fall semester at the circulation desk
  • The price is free of charge for teachers and staff

For additional help, please ask the Library staff

All the extra help listed bellow is available online by MIO (Slclib) or Email (, or in person at the circulation desk:

  • Citation help
  • Research help
  • Google research help (tips)
  • Book search (online or in the shelves)
  • Specific topic or author research (for book or online resources)
  • Antidote help
  • Zotero help
  • Printing help
  • Database help
  • Reference
  • Room reservation (up to 7 days before)
  • Inter-library loan (with St. Lambert)
  • General assignment troubleshooting help

You can hold a book in person at the circulation desk

You can also do it yourself in our online catalog:

Then search the book you are looking for

Once you clicked the book you would like please check in the right corner

Simply click Place Hold

  • If the book is available, the library staff will place the book aside for you at the circulation desk (nobody else will be able to check it out)
  • If the book isn’t available, you will be notified by MIO when your book will be available to pick up

The best way to avoid fines is understanding how loans work

If you borrow a book:

  • The loan time is 2 weeks
  • You can renew your book (twice) by yourself into your Koha account
  • You can also renew your book in person at the library
  • If you forget to renew your book, you will be charged 0.25$/day overdue


If you borrow a Dictionary / A book for your class / Charging cables / Headphones :

  • The loan time is 1 day
  • You need to bring it back the same day you borrowed them to avoid fines. You cannot renew.
  • The charge is 1$/day overdue


Once you have fines, you cannot check out anything from the library until the return of your item and the payment of your fines.

If you lose the item you borrowed, an invoice will be sent to pay back the value of the lost item. It is your responsibility to pay.


You can only pay your fines Cash at the library at the circulation desk (other payment methods are available for the full invoice of a lost item).