How to get your books

Book Purchasing

Your book list becomes available at the same time as your schedule (usually 24 to 48 hours prior to the Welcome day).

All book purchases are 100% online

Access the Bookstore Express here:

Books will be ready to be picked up two business days (48 hours) after your order. For example, if you place your order between Friday 3:00 p.m. and Sunday night, your order will be ready for pick-up the following Tuesday.

All transactions will be credit card only (no debit purchases). If your credit card is a dual card, debit/credit, this is not supported by the system. 

Important! When placing your order, enter your email (not your parents and make sure it is entered correctly) to receive your payment receipt. KEEP THIS EMAIL RECEIPT. We will need to see it when you pick up your books.

Remember: Only the books in inventory will be available for purchase. If NA is shown next to your book in your online list, it means your book is not yet available and will have to be purchased later (we do not know the exact date of when we will receive it).

*Yes, somebody else may come pick up your book order. As long as they have a copy of your receipt.

SLC Vouchers and awards (scholarships). If you have a document such as an award, voucher etc. stating you may use these funds to purchase books, you may do so online. To do so, you must obtain a voucher no.  This number is sent to you when we have received your funds. For more information in regards to vouchers, please go to room 201.

 Students can pick up their online orders at the St Lawrence bookstore (room 294) next to school reception 24 hours after they placed their order.