Career and Guidance Counselling

Career and Guidance Counselling

The services

The Guidance Counsellor is on campus 4 days a week and offers career counselling in both French and English. The Guidance Counsellor can help you to

  • Figure out if you are in the right program
  • Identify your goals which will increase your motivation to carry out your action plan
  • Discuss possible changes you are considering
  • Explore reasons for low motivation
  • Discover resources to explore careers, programs, scholarship opportunities
  • Understand admissions, program requirements and selection steps, SAT registration, bursary or scholarship applications

For whom

Career counselling and information meetings are offered to all currently registered St. Lawrence students.

When and where

You meet the Guidance Counsellor by making an online or in-person meeting by completing the intake form for first appointments. 

Go to the Career and Guidance Counselling website.​