Other Awards

S.L.C. Out-of-Town Student Award - Quebec City Women's Club

This monetary award recognizes a graduating student who has made a successful transition from high school to college while adapting to a new living environment.

2024 Winner: Ruth Nzeba Kadima

P.W. Sims Memorial Scholarship - Citadel Foundation

The P.W. Sims Award is presented annually to a student with outstanding performance in the Business Administration program.

2024 Winner: Jacob Rodrigue

Dr. Guthrie Memorial Scholarship - Citadel Foundation

This annual scholarship is awarded to a student entering his or her first year of University in health studies. This prestigious scholarship is in keeping with Citadel Foundation’s mandate of helping students in financial need reach their dreams.

2024 Winner: Lara Legault

Puissance Onze Award

This award is given to the student with the strongest academic performance of those having completed both LOMA training sessions.

2024 Winner: Justine Picard


Industrial Alliance Award

For the business students who have demonstrated engagement and excellence.

2024 Winner: Laura-Lee Bergeron & Anne-Sophie Nadeau

Mallette Award

For students in the business program who have demonstrated academic excellence.

2024 Winner: Laura-Lee Bergeron & Jacob Rodrigue

Professionals’ Union True Grit Award

Presented to the graduating student who has demonstrated integrity, fortitude, adaptability and determination.

2024 Winner: Louis Bérubé

François-Jacques Roussin Award

Instituted to commemorate the contribution made by François-Jacques Roussin in the area of cooperation and community service, and to recognize the efforts of students who have followed his example.

2024 Winner: Charles-Émile Sills

Cardinal Roy Trophy      

This monetary award is presented to the graduating student who best combines leadership and academic excellence.

2024 Winner: Juan Perilla

St. Lawrence Alumni Foundation Award

Presented to the student who best provides consistent and exceptional effort in organizing and supporting student activities.

2024 Winner: Charles Frégeau

St. Lawrence Alumni Foundation Cultural Award

Awarded to the student who best combines academic, socio-cultural and community achievements.

2024 Winner: Soriya Casals

Reverend P.S. Mifflen Award - St. Lawrence Alumni Foundation

This monetary award is presented to the graduating student who best combines academic excellence and athletic achievement.

2024 Winner: Mathilde Collard

Beneva Resilience Awards

Presented to students who best demonstrate the ability to succeed academically and socially, despite the obstacles they have faced.

2024 Winner: Nigel Einish, Louis Marie Nganyira Rugwiro, Juliana Soucy

Beneva Leadership Awards

Presented to students who took a leadership role and helped their fellow St. Lawrence students' well-being, personally and academically.

2024 Winner: William Cantin Bolduc, Charles-Émile Sills

Glenn Gavin Scholarship for Language and Culture

Awarded to a student who wishes to pursue further studies in the fields of language and culture and has proven their commitment to these goals.

2024 Winner: Laurie Davies, Emmy Dumont

St. Lawrence Teachers’ Union Bursary

Presented to the student who has demonstrated exceptional improvement during their years at St. Lawrence.

2024 Winner: Natasha Beaulieu

Lieutenant-Governor Awards

To the students who have had a positive influence on their community through their involvement, determination and desire to go beyond their personal bests.

2024 Winner: Sami Benmahbous, Bon Pham

Bloom Award - Bloom Communications

This is awarded to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to Bloom Communications.

2024 Winner: N/A


Academic Excellence Awards

Highest Academic Achievement in the Science program

2024 Winner: Lara Legault

Highest Academic Achievement in the Social Science program

2024 Winner: Sami Benmahbous

Highest Academic Achievement in the Business program

2024 Winner: Laura-Lee Bergeron

Highest Academic Achievement in the Arts, Literature and Communications program

2024 Winner: Danaé Morin

Champlain Regional College Board of Governors’ Trophy

This monetary award is presented to the student who obtains the highest academic average in his/her course of study.

2024 Winner: Lara Legault

Governor General’s Medal

This award is presented to the student who obtains the highest academic average.

2024 Winner: Lara Legault


Meritorious Citations (click on the year) These are presented to the students who meet a number of criteria set by each department. The number of citations granted by the departments varies from year to year.

Jeunes Boursiers des Grands Québécois
St. Lawrence recipients include:

Secteur économique
Philippe Béchard (1997)
Simon Viel (2005)

Secteur social
Isabelle Bourque (1998)
Joannie Gilbert (2005)

Secteur culturel
Mélanie Abdel-Malak (2000)
Hélène Demers (2002)

2021 College Writers Award