Adapted Services

Adapted Services

The services

The Adapted Services Counsellor's role is to:

  • Provide the necessary accommodations for the students who have special needs, in order to foster their integration, as well as success in their learning, both in general education or continuing education
  • Support teachers and all other staff members who work with students with disabilities

For whom

  • Student with sensory disabilities (visual impairment / hearing impairment)
  • Student with physical disabilities or with mobility impairment (cerebral palsy / spina bifida / ataxia / etc.)
  • Student with learning disabilities (dyslexia / dysorthographia / dyscalculia / cognition / ADHD)
  • Student with neurological disabilities (autism spectrum disorder / TCC / multiple sclerosis / dysphasia / etc.)
  • Student with organic problems (cancer / diabetes / fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue / migraine / etc.)
  • Student with a persistent mental health disorder (anxiety disorder / mood disorder / eating disorder / borderline personality disorder / etc.)
  • Student with a temporary disability (injuries / sickness / medical treatment / etc.) have difficulties, questions or concerns about


What accommodations can you get?


Services and accommodations are determined according to your particular needs. They aim at offering a bridge to help you overcome your limitation, disability or condition that comes from your diagnosis. We can contribute to your academic success by putting the right accommodation in place (e.g.: extra time for exams, specialized software, adapted room, etc.) and by supporting you in the development of strategies. To have a clearer idea of the measures that can be put in place to support you in your educational journey, we invite you to meet with the Adapted Services Counsellor.

In this perspective, two keys are essential to your academic success:

  • Understanding the impacts of your diagnosis on your learning abilities
  • Commitment in your educational career and Collaboration with the services offered by the College.

How do I apply to receive services?

This process takes place in a confidential manner. Any transmission of information will be done with your consent. The process consists of a few steps:

  1. Prior to your first assessment meeting with the Adapted Services Counsellor, send a certificate or an assessment report indicating your diagnosis to the Adapted Services Counsellor via MIO, e-mail or by leaving a paper copy at the front desk. This document must be written by a clinician, member of a professional Order.
  2. Make an appointment with the Adapted Services Counsellor, by sending a MIO.
  3. Attend the assessment meeting with the Adapted Services Counsellor, who will evaluate your needs. You will then be granted the proper accommodation that is appropriate to your needs.
  4. Commit to the accommodation put in place.