About the SLC Commission of Studies

Members of the SLC Commission of Studies

Cathy Andrew Professional Union Member Representative
Edward Berryman Director of the Constituent College, President of the Commission
Paul Bleau Business Program Representative
Terri Connolly General Education Representative
Thomas Delisle Student Representative
Gisela Droge-Grondin General Education Representative
Carol-Anne Gauthier Social Science Program Representative
Andrée-Anne Giguère ALC Program Representative
Martin Huard Math Department Representative
Charles Nadeau Support Staff Representative
Alexandre Roussel Professional Staff Representative
France Seguin General Education Representative
Angela Stevens Dean of Faculty
Christopher St-Laurent-Pedneault Science Program Representative
Catherine Talbot Coordinator of Pedagogical and Institutional Development
Martin Theriault Tourism Program Representative
Isabelle Zhang Student Representative


Calendar, Agendas, and Minutes

2020-2021 Calendar of Meetings - To be published

February 17, 2021

March 31, 2021

April 14, 2021


Policy: Commission of Studies, Approved by the St. Lawrence Governing Board on October 23, 2019