Locker information

Lockers are assigned to students by the Student Activities Department  in room 272. It is highly recommended that you bring a lock with you and put it on your locker immediately on Welcome Days.  This is the best way to avoid locker problems on the first day of classes. 

You must keep the locker assigned to you.  If you do not have a locker or would like to make a change you must see the Student Services Technician in room 272. Locks may be cut if found on the wrong locker. We remind you that lockers are school property and should a search become necessary, St. Lawrence reserves the right to take appropriate action. Lockers must be vacated by the last day of classes in May.  The first week of June all lockers are emptied of their contents, cleaned and repaired for the Fall semester. We are not responsible for contents left in lockers. . Note that the lockers in the shower rooms are for the use of physical education classes only.