Student Success Plan

St. Lawrence’s new Student Success Plan shows our commitment to helping you achieve success in all areas, not just in the classroom. The plan focuses on four main areas:


1: Success Beyond Grades

Does your definition of success include winning the championship, volunteering more, or finally writing that poem? We recognize that your accomplishments
reach far beyond your studies.

2: Monitoring Success College-Wide

We want to know what our students are achieving, and how. We’re putting systems into place that will help us to better do that.

3: A College Full of Support

We strive to provide great academic support to students beyond the classroom, so everyone can achieve their full potential.

4: A Fruitful and Dynamic Pedagogical Life

The heart of the college is the classroom, so we’re working harder than ever to make our classes richer and more rewarding.


To learn more, you can consult the full Student Success Plan, or the summary version.