Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre and schedule

The Fitness centre

The St. Lawrence Fitness Centre is a first-class facility. Newly renovated and extended, the fitness Centre allows students and employees to be active, enhance their physical health, and help athletes perform at their best. 

The college fitness centre has three distinct areas:

  • Cardio Area  
  • Strength Equipment Area (including free weights)
  • Spinning Room Area

For information on the fitness centre. Please see Samuel Meunier Dufour, Recreational Activities Technician, Room 273. 


The fitness centre is open throughout the semester. 

The fitness centre is not available when phys ed classes are being held. Check the schedule at the fitness centre entrance.

Fitness Centre Rules


Only SLC students and staff are allowed in the Fitness Center.

  1. All users must respect the Code of Conduct and rules of the Fitness Center.
  2. No one is allowed in the Fitness Center without a qualified supervisor on site.
  3. Day-to-day clothing is not allowed in any school fitness space. Fitness-appropriate clothing only.
  4. Water and “Energy” drinks must be carried in a safe water bottle.
  5. Courtesy first. Loud, abusive language or temper tantrums are not permitted.
  6. No loitering.
  7. All users are required to clean their stations or apparatus after use.
  8. All users must re-rack their apparatus, plates and dumbbells after use.
  9. Members must bring their own towels.
  10. No food allowed.
  11. The personal use of the A/V playback devices is prohibited.
  12. Keep the facility flow path clear. Users should leave personal belongings in their locker prior to training sessions.
  13. Members must present their student I.D. cards to the supervisor on site.
  14. For any users who do not comply with these rules after one warning, fitness center access will be revoked.

Apparatus Policy


  1. A maximum of thirty (30) minutes is permitted for aerobic station use.
  2. Members must keep a personal towel handy when using aerobic stations.


  1. We encourage members to complete one set of an exercise at a time. Move on to the next station or share the apparatus after the completion of each set.
  2. If someone is performing multiple sets on a weight training apparatus that you wish to use, ask whether you can “work in”.
  3. Training equipment must remain in the Fitness Center.
  4. Members must not sit or rest on muscular fitness stations or benches they are not using. No one is also allowed to sit on the wall between treadmills and the muscular area.
  5. Keep bars and weights off bench upholstery to prevent tearing.
  6. Strip all bars immediately after use. Return dumbbell and weights to rack in proper order.
  7. Set collars on Olympic bars for all lifts using free weights.
  8. Do not forget your towel. Always wipe your equipment after you finish.