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Contact the Guidance Counsellor

If you are currently registered at St. Lawrence and you would like to schedule a first appointment with the guidance counsellor, you may do so by completing the following form.

Nicole Anne Daigle, Guidance Counsellor 

St. Lawrence students may reach the Guidance Counsellor via Omnivox (MIO). 

Tel.: 418-656-6921, ext. 4218


Schedule: Monday to Thursday  

Office 278D




Students have access to various search tools on the Omnivox Guidance Counselling Services' community. Be sure to check the "community filter box" to view events and latest news posted on this community. You will see postings about university events, various scholarships, and access search tools to help you learn more about your career and educational options. 

Click here to learn more about the Guidance Counselling Services at St. Lawrence.