Welcome Days Before
Classes Start

Welcome Days Before Classes Start and Fall Semester Guideline

Welcome Days Before Classes Start and Fall Semester Guideline

Welcome to St. Lawrence! The Fall semester is fast approaching and we hope to see you between August 24-28 during the Welcome Days. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet with teachers, student services, tour the school as well as get general information related to the learning environment for the Fall semester in the context of COVID-19.  

Although it is not mandatory for students to attend Welcome Days, this activity is highly recommended, especially for first year students. As the school year will begin mostly online, the Welcome Days event will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with your teachers and student services at least once this semester. Each student will be invited by Mio to one of the Welcome Days sessions. 

During your Welcome Day, you will learn about how the teaching and the learning activities will be organized during the semester. You will also be provided with key information on the different services the College will provide you, whether online or in presence. It will be an occasion to meet and get to know teachers, professionals, support staff, and members of the administration of the College. For newcomers, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your new environment by taking a self-guided tour of the College. Finally, if you have ordered and paid for your books online, you will be able to pick them up before you leave if you receive a confirmation email they are ready to pick up. 

In order to control the number of visitors on campus, we ask that you please respect the schedule assigned to you. You can access the College through Entrance C located on the North side of the building (Student Centre). Employees of the College will be present to greet you. You will need to identify yourself upon arrival in addition to washing your hands. Wearing a mask is mandatory, please bring your own mask. 

Also, we remind students arriving from abroad to respect the mandatory 14-day quarantine period, which starts on the date you arrive. Please do not come to Welcome Days if you have been outside of Canada.


First Official Day of Classes

Monday, August 31, 2020

To access the 2020 Academic Calendar



Unless directives from the Ministry change during the semester, all Fall 2020 courses will be given online, except for science laboratories which will be held on campus. Other punctual class activities, such as exams, may take place on campus throughout the semester. You will then be informed by your teachers of the time and date of such in presence activities. 



Schedules and important academic dates will be available as of Thursday, August 20, 2020 at the end of the day via Omnivox.


COVID-19 Measures

  • The official entrance for the semester will be entrance A, located on the East side of the building (Nérée-Tremblay).
  • Student arrivals are between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm 
  • Each student will need to identify themselves at the reception desk and wash their hands. 
  • Student athletes who have early morning practices will be able to access the College through entrance B on the West side of the building. 
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere inside the College. Students may remove their mask once they are seated in a classroom. It will be possible to purchase a mask if forgotten for $2 at the reception desk. 
  • As requested by the Ministry, classrooms will be arranged to allow each student to be 1.5 meters apart. 
  • During laboratories, wearing a mask will be mandatory as well as respecting other safety measures.


Labs and workspaces

Five different classrooms will be reserved for students who need to attend an online class before or after a lab. Accessibility will be on a first come first served basis. You will be able to connect to the College’s wi-fi network. 

For personal work, the library as well as the Atrium of the Student Centre will be accessible. 



Books will have to be ordered and paid in advance through the Bookstore Express online.  

  1. Access the Bookstore Express here: http://BookstoreSLC.crc-sher.qc.ca/ 
  2. Identify yourself with your student # and birthdate  
  3. Chose the books you want to purchase  Please note that only books in inventory will be available for purchase at this time. 
  4. Please note that books available to you will be those associated with your current class schedule. If you have schedule changes, please wait before ordering ton ensure the appropriate book list.   
  5. Enter your credit card information   
  6. Visa & MasterCard
  7. Enter email to receive your invoice and confirmation information. A message will be sent to this email when your order is ready for pick up. 
  8. Once you receive the pick up confirmation email, present yourself at the College with an identification card and your receipt #. 


Book Returns

Returns will be processed between September 8 to 25, 2020 ONLY.  

Refunds will be handled as follows:  

  • You must have all original receipts.  
  • If your book was wrapped, you must bring it back wrapped, no refund or exchange for unwrapped books.   
  • No refunds on all course packs.  
  • No refund on lab coats, calculators, molecular fits, SLC clothing, eyeglasses, masks & cards (ENG).  
  • If a book has publisher’s misprint / default, an exchange will always be given at all times.  


Gymnasium and Fitness Center

It will not be possible to use the gymnasium, yoga room and fitness centre for the general student population. Only student-athletes will have access to these facilities after signing a waiver and following strict hygiene and safety measures.