Welcome Days Before
Classes Start

Welcome Days before Classes Start

At the beginning of each semester, students are invited to come to the college, by program (schedule will be available a few weeks prior to the event). 

In August, students may purchase their books, pick-up their agendas as well as sign a few important documents. They are also encouraged to bring a lock and to claim their lockers immediately.  This is also a great opportunity for first year students to find their first classrooms and to familiarize themselves with the building.

Welcome Day Schedule August 2019 (always double check to make sure no changes have been made to this schedule before you come)

In January, the Welcome Days are the opportunity to purchase their books, either used or new, before classes begin. 

To purchase books, all students must have a printed copy of the book list and have it on hand.

To print your book list (available with your schedule). To find it:
Go to your Omnivox
Click Course Schedule
Obtain Schedule
Click here for printer friendly version

Cafeteria services are usually not available on Welcome Days.

Keep me info Fall 2019

Book store:

To purchase books at the book store, please follow these steps to make this easy and quick:

1) You MUST HAVE A PRINTED VERSION OF YOUR BOOK LIST WITH YOU to purchase your books at the bookstore.

2) You will drop off your printed copy of the book list at the bookstore and they will prepare your order for you.

3) When your books are ready, a MIO will be sent to you and you will be asked to pick them up and pay for them in the library. Cash, debit and credit. If you have to pay by check, DO NOT PRE-FILL THE AMOUNT. Sometimes the total cost of the order may vary.

The book lists will be available on your portal when you confirm your schedule. 

While you are waiting for the MIO telling you your order is ready, you may go to the cafeteria or hang out at the Pyramid, but you must be ready to pick up your order immediately when you get the message.

A used book sale will be available in the Atrium (Student Centre). Again you must have a printed version of your book list in hand. We accept credit cards, checks and cash for payments.

Student ID photos for new students on campus.




Two distinct cards. An electronic college ID card and an OPUS card if necessary.

There has been a major change in the way our ID/OPUS cards will now be produced and this will affect all students who had their pictures taken in May as well as the students who have yet to have this done.

As of now, all photos that were taken in May and all students who have a photo in the system (2nd and 3rd year), will have an electronic school ID card available to them on Omnivox. Please look on the left hand menu of your Omnivox account, under photo ID or something to that effect (I do not see what students see so I am not sure of the exact wording).

If you do not yet have a photo, take a selfie following the guidelines indicated then submit your photo. If you need to obtain an OPUS card for the bus, you will need to have a plasticized card sent to you in the mail. There will be a cost of 15$ to be paid online to obtain an OPUS card. We will not be handling the cards anymore. All is done online and by mail if you chose to get a plasticized card.

Follow this link for more info on purchasing an OPUS card online

If you have any questions in regards to this, just send Joanne Gosselin a MIO and she will try to help you out.

We are part of the program “abonne bus”.  Students may purchase their monthly pass online. For more info, please go to the RTC website.