Directory - Academic Faculty

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Academic Faculty

Directory - Academic Faculty
Family Name Given Name Faculty E-Mail Phone
(418) 656-6921
Office Education Website
Adamian Stephen English #4464 360 Harvard (BA), McGill (MA)
Amos (LOA) Janet Business (Associate Department Coordinator) #4495 323 McGill (BEng, MBA)
Anctil Eric Chemistry (Science Department & Program Coordinator) #4404 361 Laval, Montréal, Queen's
Aubin Jeffery Humanities #4432 265 Laval (BA and MA in Classical Studies, Ph.D in Religious studies)
Auclair Gabrielle Humanities: Arts and Aesthetics #4622 360
Azzuolo Gina Tourism (Department Coordinator) #4477 323 UQAM
Babin Andrée-Anne English #4422 342 Laval (BA,MA)
Beaudoin Stéphane Humanities #4403 360 Laval (BA, MA, Diploma in History of Art)
Beaumont Martin Physical Education #4420 284 Laval (BA)
Belanger (LOA) Annie French - Second Language #4489 352 UQTR (BA), Montréal (MA), California at Irvine (Certificate)
Berthelot Louis-Alexandre Tourism #4458 358 Laval
Birch Lisa Political Science (Social Science Department & Program Coordinator) #4411 324 Waterloo (BA), Laval (MSc, PhD)
Bleau (LOA) Paul Business #4407 354 McGill MBA
Blouin* Philippe Humanities (Department Coordinator) #4412 335 Bishop's (BA), Montréal (MA)
Bogiaris Guillaume Humanities #4625 359
Boiteau Éloïse #4437 265
Brassard Alex Geography #4601 357
Brassard Karina Business #4409 358
Camiré (LOA) Patrice Mathematics #4496 318
Carnero John Business #4615 265
Carrier Denis Physics #4446 334-A Laval (BSc), Yale (MSc, PhD)
Carrier Vincent Mathematics #4488 322 Laval (BSc, MSc), Montréal (PhD)
Connolly Terri English (Associate Department Coordinator) #4413 267 Acadia and Laval (BA), Laval (MA)
Côté Marie Continuing Education - Tourism 265 Laval
Daley Meagan Psychology #4417 319 Western Ontario (BA), Toronto (MA), Laval (PhD)
Desrosiers Vincent Chemistry #4621 321
Dery Raymond Business #4425 329 Bishop's (BBA)
Dröge Gisela Humanities (General Education Coordination Group) #4414 319
Dufour (LOA) Martin Geography #4423 357 Laval
Duperré Charles Business 355
Escalera Sandra Economics #4450 269 ITESM (BA: Economics) and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (MA: Applied Economics) B.A. Economics)
Flor Gabriela English #4623 342
Forgues Jean-Charles Physics (Associate Science Department Coordinator - Physics) #4443 265
Foth Philip Mathematics (Department Coordinator) #4467 267 Moscow PhysTech (BS, MS), Penn State (PhD)
Fournier Dominic Business #4431 356 Laval (BAA), UQAM (MBA)
Frenette Marc-André Business #4470 342 Laval (BAA), CFA
Gauthier Carol-Anne Psychology #4436 361 Alberta (BA), Laval (MA, PhD)
Gauthier Louise English #4428 324
Gelinas-Faucher Claudine English #4289 269 Laval (BA), Concordia (MA) & McGill (PhD)
Giguère Andrée-Anne French - Second Language #4408 355 Laval (PhD)
Gosselin Sylvie Chemistry #4430 334 Laval (BSc), Waterloo (PhD)
Grondin Pierre-Luc Biology (Associate Science Department Coordinator - Biology) #4406 265 Laval (BSc and MSc)
Guy Isabelle English (ALC Program Coordinator) #4459 356 Laval (BA, MA), U of New England, Australia (Exchange)
Hamelin Gabriella Psychology #4484 265 Université Laval (Master in Counselling Psychology)
Hardy Steve Mathematics (Associate Department Coordinator) #4433 334 Concordia (BSc, MSc, Graduate Diploma in Computer Science)
Harvey Isabelle Business #4493 354 Concordia - Irvine (BA) & Southern California (MA)
Hawkins Stephen Humanities #4498 265 Memorial (BA, MA); Ottawa (PhD)
Hinkson Warren English #4434 321
Houle Andrée Business #4451 322 Laval
Huard Martin Mathematic #4439 318
Huismann Antje Geography #4487 265 Philipps-Universität Marburg (Master in Geography)
Jacques Geneviève French - Second Language (Department Coordinator) #4442 326 Laval (BA, MA)
Kary James #4624 266
Laflamme Jeanne Mathematics #4612 322
Laganière Anne Business #4401 320 Laval (BAA, MBA)
La Grenade Antoine Economics #4461 335 Laval (BSc, BA, MSc, MA)
Lebel André Mathematics #4440 323 UQAM (BSc, MSc), Laval (MA), Warwick (PhD)
Lehoux Nick English #4421 342 Laval (BA), Western Ontario (MA), Ottawa (Certificate in Education)
Lemay Suzanne French - Second Language #4441 355 Laval (BA, MA, Certificat en création littéraire), Naïa (Diplôme en Vinyasa yoga)
López Salvador Spanish (Spanish & German Department Coordinator) #4447 352 Laval (BA, MA)
Miersch Stephanie Administrative Techniques Université Laval (MBA)
Morand (LOA) Tanya Humanities: Arts and Aesthetics #4460 360 Concordia (BFA, MFA)
Moreau Nancie Chemistry #4405 330 Laval (BSc), Montréal (MSc)
Munoz Rodriguez Ana Spanish #4611 329
Otto Sean History #4608 334A Dalhousie (BA), Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto (MTS), University of St. Michael's College (PhD)
Ouellet Geneviève French as a Second Language #4611 326
Parent Martin Political Science #4424 354 Montréal (BA, MA), Laval (BES)
Pienitz Maximilian German #4491 265 Université Laval (Master in translation and terminology)
Piette (LOA) Jeanne Biology #4475 266 Laval (BSc & MSc)
Plante Martin Business (Department & Program Coordinator) #4416 323 U of Ottawa (BA Communications/Canadian Studies, MBA), UQTR (DESS Relations de travail)
Plante Stéphanie Physics #4415 353 Laval
Poulin (LOA) Martin Languages #4465 326 Laval (BA, MA)
Quirin Elsabet Sociology #4466 319 U of Minnesota, Laval
Ribordy Geneviève History (Social Science Department Coordinator) #4468 353 Laurentian (BA), Montréal (MA, PhD), Sorbonne (DEA)
Ruel (LOA) Jacinthe History #4471 334-A Laval (BA, MA), Cambridge (PhD studies)
Savard Jason French - Second Language #4486 329 Laval (Études littéraires: BA & MA)
Savard Patrick English (Department Coordinator) #4472 358 Laval (BA, MA, PhD in Progress)
Seguin France Physical Education (Department Coordinator) #4473 359
Simon Gwendoline Physics #4474 267 Sherbrooke and Laval (BSc), Laval (MSc, PhD)
Steer Joanna English #4476 321 Laval (BA, MA)
St-Laurent Pedneault Christopher Biology #4426 359 Laval (BSc, MSc, DESS)
Theodorakis Nick Physical Education #4479 284 Laval (BA)
Thériault Martin Tourism (Associate Department Coordinator) #4480 322 UQAM
Tabourin Loïc Physics #4456 265 Master in Physics
Tremblay Christian Physical Education #4438 284 Université Laval (Baccalauréat en kynésiologie)
Welham Thomas History 334-A University of Cambria (Master in Historical Research), Université Laval (Maîtrise en linguistique)
Whitt John English #4485 334 US Naval Academy, U of Minnesota, U of Washington
Wojciechowski Krista Sociology #4494 320 Ottawa (BEd), Simon Fraser (BA), Lund (MA), Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)
Liang Yenan Sociology #4483 359 Université Laval (Maîtrise en sociologie)
Malo Joannie French 329