Directory - Academic Faculty

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Academic Faculty

Directory - Academic Faculty
Family Name Given Name Faculty E-Mail Phone
(418) 656-6921
Office Education Website
Adamian Stephen English #4464 360 Harvard (BA), McGill (MA)
Amos (LOA) Janet Business (Department & Program Coordinator) #4495 323 McGill (BEng, MBA)
Anctil Eric Chemistry #4404 361 Laval, Montréal, Queen's
Azzuolo Gina Tourism (Associate Department Coordinator & Program Coordinator) #4477 323 UQAM
Bateman (LOA) Leigh English #4402 320 U of King's College, Dalhousie, Concordia
Beaudoin Stéphane Humanities (Humanities Department & General Education Coordinator) #4403 360 Laval (BA, MA, Diploma in History of Art)
Beaumont Martin Physical Education #4420 284 Laval (BA)
Belanger Annie French - Second Language #4489 352 UQTR (BA), Montréal (MA), California at Irvine (Certificate)
Berthelot Louis-Alexandre Tourism #4458 358 Laval
Birch Lisa Political Science and Economics #4411 324 Waterloo (BA), Laval (MSc, PhD)
Bleau Paul Business #4407 354 McGill MBA
Blouin Philippe Humanities #4412 330 Bishop's (BA), Montréal (MA)
Brassard Karina Business (Associate Department Coordinator) #4409 358
Camiré Patrice Mathematics #4496 318
Carrier Denis Physics #4446 334-A Laval (BSc), Yale (MSc, PhD)
Carrier Vincent Mathematics (Associate Department Coordinator) #4488 322 Laval (BSc, MSc), Montréal (PhD)
Connolly Terri English (Department Coordinator) #4413 267 Acadia and Laval (BA), Laval (MA)
Côté Marie Continuing Education - Tourism 265 Laval
Daley Meagan Psychology #4417 319 Western Ontario (BA), Toronto (MA), Laval (PhD)
Dera Anna Biology #4487 334-A Washington U in St. Louis (BA), Missouri (PhD)
Dery Raymond Business #4425 329 Bishop's (BBA)
Dröge Gisela Humanities #4414 319
Dufour Martin Geography #4423 357 Laval
Forbes Jonathan Business #4418 325
Forgues Jean-Charles Physics #4443 265
Foth Philip Mathematics #4467 267 Moscow PhysTech (BS, MS), Penn State (PhD)
Fournier Dominic Business #4431 356 Laval (BAA), UQAM (MBA)
Gauthier Carol-Anne Psychology (Social Science Department Coordinator) #4436 361 Alberta (BA), Laval (MA, PhD)
Gauthier Louise English #4428 324
Giguère Andrée-Anne French - Second Language (Department Coordinator) #4408 355 Laval (PhD)
Gosselin Sylvie Chemistry #4430 334 Laval (BSc), Waterloo (PhD)
Grondin Pierre-Luc Biology #4406 265 Laval (BSc and MSc)
Guy Isabelle English #4459 356 Laval (BA, MA), U of New England, Australia (Exchange)
Hardy Steve Mathematics #4433 334 Concordia (BSc, MSc, Graduate Diploma in Computer Science)
Hinkson Warren English #4434 321
Houle Andrée Business #4451 322 Laval
Huard Martin Mathematics (Department Coordinator) #4439 318
Jacques Geneviève French - Second Language #4442 326 Laval (BA, MA)
Laganière Anne Business #4401 329 Laval (BAA, MBA)
La Grenade Antoine Economics #4461 335 Laval (BSc, BA, MSc, MA)
Lebel (LOA) André Mathematics #4440 323 UQAM (BSc, MSc), Laval (MA), Warwick (PhD)
Lehoux Nick English (ALC Program Coordinator) #4421 342 Laval (BA), Western Ontario (MA), Ottawa (Certificate in Education)
Lemay Suzanne French - Second Language (Associate Department Coordinator) #4441 355 Laval (BA, MA, Certificat en création littéraire), Naïa (Diplôme en Vinyasa yoga)
Lemelin Diane Spanish #4445 335
López Salvador Spanish #4447 352 Laval (BA, MA)
Lugtig (LOA) Joan Humanities Winnipeg, McGill, Laval, UQAM-UQTR
Martin Frédérick Geography #4453 357 Laval (BA, MA)
McCalla Joanne Chemistry #4455 320 Alberta (BSc, MSc)
Messinger Gabriele German (Spanish & German Department Coordinator) #4457 335 U des Saarlandes (BA), Laval (MA)
Morand Tanya Humanities: Arts and Aesthetics #4460 360 Concordia (BFA, MFA)
Moreau Nancie Chemistry (Associate Science Department Coordinator) #4405 330 Laval (BSc), Montréal (MSc)
Parent Martin Political Science #4424 354 Montréal (BA, MA), Laval (BES)
Plante Stéphanie Physics (Science Department & Program Coordinator) #4415 353 Laval
Poulin (LOA) Martin Languages #4465 326 Laval (BA, MA)
Quirin Elsabet Sociology #4466 319 U of Minnesota, Laval
Ribordy Geneviève History (Social Science Department & Program Coordinator) #4468 353 Laurentian (BA), Montréal (MA, PhD), Sorbonne (DEA)
Ruel (LOA) Jacinthe History #4471 334-A Laval (BA, MA), Cambridge (PhD studies)
Savard Jason French - Second Language #4486 329 Laval (Études littéraires: BA & MA)
Savard Patrick English (Department Coordinator) #4472 358 Laval (BA, MA, PhD in Progress)
Seguin (LOA) France Physical Education (Department Coordinator) #4473 359
Skinner Thom Business #4456 330 BComm. U. of Montreal and CPA, CA, McGill U.
Simon Gwendoline Physics #4474 267 Sherbrooke and Laval (BSc), Laval (MSc, PhD)
Steer Joanna English #4476 321 Laval (BA, MA)
St-Laurent Pedneault Christopher Biology (Associate Science Department Coordinator) #4426 359 Laval (BSc, MSc, DESS)
Theodorakis Nick Physical Education #4479 284 Laval (BA)
Thériault Martin Tourism (Department Coordinator) #4480 322 UQAM
Whitt John English #4485 334 US Naval Academy, U of Minnesota, U of Washington
Wojciechowski (LOA) Krista Sociology #4494 359 Ottawa (BEd), Simon Fraser (BA), Lund (MA), Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)
Aubin Jeffery Humanities #4432 265 Laval (BA and MA in Classical Studies, Ph.D in Religious studies)
Escalera Sandra Economics #4450 270 ITESM (BA: Economics) and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (MA: Applied Economics) B.A. Economics)
Frenette Marc-André Business #4470 342 Laval (BAA), CFA
Plante Martin Business #4416 342 U of Ottawa (BA Communications/Canadian Studies, MBA), UQTR (DESS Relations de travail)
Harvey Isabelle Business #4493 323 Concordia - Irvine (BA) & Southern California (MA)
Uddin Noor Economics #4463 325
Tremblay Christian Physical Education #4438 284
Gelinas-Faucher Claudine English #4289 269 Laval (BA), Concordia (MA) & McGill (PhD)
Piette (LOA) Jeanne Biology #4475 266 Laval (BSc & MSc)
Babin Andrée-Anne English #4422 342 Laval (BA,MA)
Marmette Élise Physical Education #4491 265 Laval (BA)
Contino Nikko Mathematics #4490 265 Concordia (MSc)
Lefebvre Simon Physics #4492 325 Sherbrooke (BSc,, MSc)
Gagnon Marie-Ève Psychology #4484 321
Liang Yenan Sociology #4483 359 Zhejiang University (BA), Laval (MA)
Marceau Catherine English #4478 270 Laval (BA, MA)
Hawkins Stephen Humanities #4498 265 Memorial (BA, MA); Ottawa (PhD)
Seyan Jaiseema Kaur Biology 4449 266
Welham Tom History 4609 334A University of Lancaster in rhw UK (BA and MA)
Otto Sean History 4608 265 Dalhousie (BA), Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto (MTS), University of St. Michael's College (PhD)
Bogiaris Guillaume Humanities 4605 269 Texas A&M (PhD), Montréal (Certificate in postsecondary teaching), McGill (MA), Concordia (BA)
Boyce Ryan Mathematics 4607 323 U. Alberta (BSc Mathematical Physics), McGill (MSc Mathematics)
Gatbach Anas Business (Continuing Education)
Miersch Stephanie Business (Continuing Education) Concordia - Specialized BA in Translation & Laval - MBA
Chaudhury Muntasir Economics (Continuing Education)
Ouellet Geneviève French - Second Language #4611 326
Finn Rafael English 4612 320 Carleton (BA), McGill (MA)