Theatre Troupe Stages Production of Pretty Things

Early this month, the St. Lawrence Theatre Troupe put on their spring show, Pretty Things. The play, a combination of two works by Neil Labute, focused on character and allowed all members of the ensemble cast to shine.

The two plays from which the show was constructed, The Shape of Things and Reasons to be pretty, both explore less-than-beautiful elements of the human condition. The combination of them resulted in an unusual mix of themes, blending parallel but contrasting romances into a single whole. Actors Malorie Bédard, Catherine Houlé, Alex Nadeau, Florence Hébert, Jeanne Morin, Mathias Godin, Maya Dubois, Sienna Luprano and Sarah-Maude Gagnon portrayed a group of young people navigating complicated relationships with disastrous results. The audience was rapt, rooting for positive outcomes that never came.

Director Charlie Cameron-Verge and Assistant Director Héloïse Leclerc St-Pierre moulded the production into shape with limited rehearsal time, especially impressive considering the show's two-hour length. Melding two plays without losing the attention of the crowd is a difficult feat, one accomplished in no small part due to the excellent lighting work and use of minimal set design. The white-draped stage evolved from museum display to dining room to workplace, with video projected onto the structure during scene changes.

Congratulations to all on a job well done! Check out the photos below, taken at rehearsal.