St. Lawrence Teacher Suzanne Lemay Honoured by Loran Foundation

Suzanne Lemay, a French teacher at CEGEP Champlain – St. Lawrence, has recently been honoured with a Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award. These awards, started in 2015, are presented by the Loran Scholars Foundation.

Each year, the foundation offers $100,000 scholarships to young Canadians who show strength of character and leadership potential. These 4-year scholarships give access to University education and allow students to focus on their studies, not on how they will pay for school.

Four years ago, St. Lawrence student Maryna Karpenko was selected as a Loran Scholar from a pool of over 5,000 candidates from across Canada. She has since graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce, greatly assisted by the support this scholarship provides. This year, she nominated her former teacher Suzanne Lemay for a Teachers Building Leaders Award.

This award, co-sponsored by the McCall MacBain Foundation, recognizes teachers who have played an important role in the development of young leaders at different points in their educational journeys. Lemay is the first St. Lawrence teacher to receive this award.

“Suzanne is an exceptional teacher,” Maryna shares, “who developed in me a love and a deep respect for the French language”. Lemay’s creative approach to teaching and focus on cultural learning has a big impact, says Maryna. “Her teaching methods, her passion, and her selection of literature and works” were “captivating”, stresses the former student. She feels “extreme gratitude for [Lemay’s] character and her teaching”.

While Maryna was not available to visit her alma mater to present Lemay with the award, the pair did have a chance to meet for coffee, which was “really great”, says Lemay.

We extend our congratulations to both women for this great honour.


Suzanne Lemay receives the award from Director of the Constituent College Edward Berryman.