St. Lawrence at McGill Model United Nations 2024: Well done to all our delegates!

This past weekend, eight St. Lawrence students took part in the McGill Model United Nations (McMUN 2024) in Montreal.

Over four days, our delegates worked hard with students from other colleges and universities (including Concordia, UBC, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins) to propose solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues: using global economic reform and a process of education to overcome the legacies of colonialism and present-day neocolonialism; empowering women in rural areas by facilitating their access to knowledge; taking control of AI on a multilateral level to increase global security and using it for education; refocusing the global policy on drugs around helping those with a substance use disorder; and finally, promoting increased cooperation for greater stability in the Americas.

This simulation is the most prestigious model UN in Canada, and months of preparation took place before the event. Congratulations to Hana Adra, Sabrina Demers, Anastasia Gaulin, Ruth Nzeba Kadima, Émilie Le Barbenchon, Laura McCoubrey, Allison McEwan, and Bon Pham for your hard work both before and during the event. We hope these student-delegates found the Model UN experience to be challenging and enriching.

You can learn more about McGill Model United Nations by visiting their website and learn which country and committee each St. Lawrence was assigned to here.


St. Lawrence students transform into delegates at the McGill Model UN.


Students hop off the train in Montreal on Friday morning.


The delegates' name badges show their assigned country and committee.


Students take part in McGill Model United Nations.


The closing ceremony of the event is attended by student-delegates from national and international institutions.