St. Lawrence Celebrates Student Life

On Wednesday, May 3rd, the annual Sociocultural Banquet was held in the iA Financial Group Auditorium. Club and group members gathered to honor their contributions to student life during the 2022-23 academic year. The Student Activities department recognized the involvement of many individuals in their respective groups and events. Over 100 students, club leaders, coaches and staff members were present for this special evening.

It was also a great time to acknowledge the dedication of team leaders and presidents as well as prospective graduates. With over 250 students involved in one of the 20 student clubs, the event was able to highlight their involvement and accomplishments. That's almost 25% of the total population of the college who participate in some way in its activities. We are very proud to have so many of our students involved and giving back to the student community.

The Student Activities Department wishes to congratulate all students who were involved in extracurricular activities here at the college. You are definitely what makes Champlain St. Lawrence a great place to study.


Club Leaders for the 2022-23 year


Prospective June 2023 graduates who were involved in student life at the college