Welcome Days - clubs and teams

Next week is a busy week for St. Lawrence. It all starts Monday morning with a Welcome breakfast for the school staff. This is a time for everyone to do small talk, settle back into their chairs and get ready for Tuesday and Wednesday for the student Welcome Days event.

Welcome days 

Welcome days is an opportunity for students to 

  • See the physical space of the school
  • Hear the welcome addresses from our Director, Dean, and staff
  • Talk with teachers and professionals
  • Pick up the books students ordered online
  • Claim lockers 
  • Learn about clubs, adapted services, wellness development programs, guidance counselling and much more.

On Tuesday, students in Sciences, ALC, Business, Tourism, and D.E.C pathway will get familiar with the school. On Wednesday, students in Social Sciences will be welcomed.  

Want to join a school club or a team?

There are also kiosks presented by the student services and already established student clubs, sports teams, and wellness and guidance counselling organizations. We encourage all future and returning students to start looking into extracurricular activities. To get familiar with these clubs, click the clubs' social media accounts.

Socio-cultural, click here

Lions teams and sports, click here