Our Lions are ready. How bout you?

This weekend marks the end of sports tryouts, training camps, and team registrations. Coaches and students are now in the process of finalizing teams and working on game strategies.


Although many students go through their day-to-day attending classes, doing homework, and writing papers, a whole other sports world lives and breathes in the lungs of St. Lawrence.



The Lions are not to be ignored


Last year, our sports teams made their marks. Women’s soccer came out of nowhere to place third in soccer. Our women’s basketball team won regionals and lost in a nail-biter at the provincial level. Our men’s hockey team lost in the deciding game against the future finalists, and our golf team won their second national championship in a row. Lots of drama!



St. Lawrence management wants to get you out to support our sports teams wherever they play. We know that post-pandemic fears and long distances to games have all been valid reasons why fans did not always make it to games where the Lions were playing. But now is the time to attend games and cheer on our Lions like the days of yore.



To know all our teams schedules, click this link.