What students expect from a post-pandemic employer

Québec, May 29, 2020 - Bloom Communications, Champlain St. Lawrence College’s student-staffed communications and business services agency, responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic by assessing students’ expectations of employers in a post-pandemic world.

The research task force put together a survey that consisted of almost 70 questions concerning the students’ views on travel, physical protection, business etiquette, and other pandemic related issues. Over 700 CEGEP students from across the province answered the survey, providing employers with invaluable information on how to address the fast-evolving needs of the labor force of the future.

According to the survey, the world is not expected to return to normal quickly. Companies that continue doing business as usual may find themselves struggling to recruit the best and brightest since financial security and health are increasingly important for students entering the workforce. The full study can be found on the Bloom Communications website at

Given their imminent entry into the workforce, Catherine Thibault and Dorianne Vennes, both in their final year of the P.W. Sims Business program at CEGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence, as part of their internship, conducted this survey for Bloom Communications along with their mentor, Michael Bleau, a highly respected and recently retired management consultant.

Based at CEGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence, Bloom Communications is an agency made up of students offering bilingual communication, accounting, marketing and event services. 

For additional information please contact Paul Bleau.