Update from the Registrar’s Office

Permanent Incompletes

The College recognizes that some students might find it difficult to pursue their studies with online learning. Below you will find information on the possibility of requesting Permanent Incompletes (IN) for your Winter 2020 courses.

First, we would like to emphasize a few important reminders on IN’s:

  1. An "IN" remark signals that a student has registered for a course but has been unable to complete it due to serious reasons beyond his or her control, such as the current situation;
  2. The "IN" remark will appear on your College transcript;
  3. The "IN" remark will not have an impact on your R-Score;
  4. The granting of an "IN" does not give a passing grade to the course it is attached to;
  5. A student who receives an "IN for a specific course, will have to register for that same course (In case of complementary courses it could be different) in a future semester and will need to follow the entire course and pass it to complete progress in his or her DEC;
  6. The College cannot guarantee that the course in question will be offered during the Summer nor the Fall semester. Please consult with an Academic Advisor before making such a decision, as requesting an Incomplete in a course that is only offered during the Winter semester, can delay your graduation by at least a full year.

If you wish to request an "IN" for one or multiple courses, please contact to Alexandre Roussel, Academic Advisor, through MIO at the latest May 22, 2020.


The Ministry has decided that the Winter 2020 semester will not be included in the R-score calculation. As this is an admission tool for most universities in Québec, it is not up to the CEGEP administration to make that decision. Do keep in mind that even if the R-score will not be counted using this semester’s results, your grades are still very important. Grades are the basis for admissions outside of Quebec and will remain a strong indicator for admissions in Québec in the current context and the coming years. Whether you are graduating or not, your investment of time and efforts now will positively impact your success later.

Furthermore, we would like to remind students that most university entrance scholarships are based on GPA and Academic Average. This also brings forward the importance of performing well in your classes.