Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials

You like watching videos on YouTube? You like e-learning?

To complement the key role of teachers and other student success resources available on campus, Champlain St. Lawrence is offering the following on-line Student Success Tutorials, to help students learn educational strategies and practical tools on their own time, wherever they are.

Time Management

#1- Understanding Where Your Time Goes
#2- Getting Organized
#3- How to Study Effectively

Stress Management

#1- What is Stress and How Does it Affect the Body?
#2- Understanding your own Stress
#3- How to Cope with Stress


#1- Understanding Procrastination
#2- How to Stop Putting Things Off

Cyber Bullying

*These videos were created by Department of Student Services at Champlain College St-Lambert with financial support from Entente Canada-Quebec.