FAQ - English

FAQ - English

How will studying with so many strong students affect my R-score?

The current R score formula will not advantage or disadvantage any group, program or college. Future students should select the college that offers them the best learning environment.

Official and accurate information is available online. Among documentation available, the FAQ document will cover most questions that students have about their R score during their collegial studies.

How should I get better prepared for English grammar?

Your high school English teachers may be able to suggest on-line or published exercises, if they have not been part of the regular course.

How will my French level be determined?

The French Section of our Languages Department will recommend your French level based on your high school courses and grades.

How is the correct level for Spanish courses determined?

If you are in the Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC) Program, you will be sent a placement test before first semester. If the test shows that you may be able to be granted credit, you will be invited to write a test for credit. Tourism students also go through the same process before second semester. Other students wishing to write the placement test and then potentially write a test for complementary course credit should contact the Academic Advisor.

May I receive Adapted Services at your College?

Students with documented disabilities or special needs are entitled by law to appropriate services and accommodations during their studies at St. Lawrence. For more information on how to register and who to meet, please see the following section of our website: Students / Help Services / Adapted Services.

If I register in the DEC Pathway, will I be able to take a concentration course from a regular program?

Yes. Depending on the reduced course load you are prepared to take and any pre-requisites you need, your Academic Advisor may be able to recommend one or two concentration courses.

What are the prerequisites to be accepted in the Business Program?

Please see the following section of our website: Future Students / Programs / P.W. Sims Business Program.

If I complete a double DEC in three years, will I still be eligible for medical school?

Yes, all Québec medical schools may accept double DEC students who graduate in three years.

May I be admitted in January? If so, what is the process to apply in the winter?

Yes, the deadline for applying is Nov. 1. Please see the following section of our website: Future Students / Admissions.

Can I complete all my general education courses at St. Lawrence and then apply for a technical program somewhere else? What could be the impact on my studies?

You can take some of your general education courses before transferring elsewhere, but a delay in taking your concentration courses in a technical program elsewhere will also delay your graduation. For that reason, you should not normally plan to delay the start of your technical program for more than one or two semesters. Note that we offer technical programs in Business and Tourism. Please see the following section of our website: Future Students / Admissions.

May I complete my general education courses in one year?

No. It takes four semesters to complete the four English courses, at the same as you complete three Humanities courses, three Physical Education courses, two French courses and two complementary courses.

What kind of clubs and socio-cultural activities do you offer at St. Lawrence?

Please see the following section of our website: Students / Clubs and Socio-Cultural Activities.

If I come from an English high school and I don't have all the prerequisites for the program I am interested in, will I still be admitted?

You can be admitted into our DEC Pathway (081.06) and take a released workload that includes some general education and complementary courses while you complete your prerequisites. If those prerequisites will be time-consuming, we may advise you to wait until the following semester to begin your studies at St. Lawrence. Note that if you apply for a regular program instead of the DEC Pathway but you are missing prerequisites, we will contact you about the possibility of being accepted into the DEC Pathway.

If I have completed grade 12 in an English province or the U.S., how comparable is the first year of CEGEP college studies?

There will be some similarities and some differences, partly depending on where you studied. Your academic background will be analyzed by an agency called the SRACQ, which may recommend that some of your prior studies be recognized for credit. For more information, please see the following section of our website: Future Students / Admissions.