St. Lawrence students shine by their success

Once again, our students have demonstrated their excellence during the Fall 2018 semester!

Last December 19th, 268 St. Lawrence students wrote the College English Ministerial Examination, which is a mandatory element to obtain their diploma of Collegiate Studies.

Historically, the success rate of the exam for St. Lawrence students has been around 95%, while the success rate of the CÉGEP Network is usually around 89%. We need to mention that close to 80% of our student clientele have French has a first language, which is a much higher proportion than most anglophone colleges.

Nonetheless, St. Lawrence students have once again proven their worth with a 99% success rate at the December 2018 exam. This remarkable achievement is due to the excellence of our student population, but also to the work of our English teachers in preparing them for this exam.

The entire St. Lawrence community is extremely proud of this tremendous achievement!