Leucan Shaved Head Challenge a great success!

For the ninth year in a row, Champlain - St. Lawrence participated in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.

This year, students and employees raised a whopping $7000! For a small institution like ours, it's a challenge (no pun intended) and we can be very proud of our involvement.

A special mention to Pierre-Luc Grondin, biology professor, who took part in the challenge to celebrate his five-year remission. It was a moving moment that will remain etched in the memory of our college.

Congratulations also to Patrick Savard, Félix-Antoine Armand, Félix-Antoine Aubé and Élyse Moisan for your participation. A special thanks to Suzanne Lemay, Constance Martel and Laurie Brodeur-Perry for organizing the activity.