Hema Québec Blood Drive: St. Lawrence Exceeds Expectations!

On Wednesday March 27th, St. Lawrence hosted the annual Hema Québec Blood Drive. This event, fully organized by students, ended up being one of the most successful blood drives, in the past 8 years, at SLC. With an objective of 110 donors, St. Lawrence exceeded expectations with 129 donors! Out of these 129 donors, 83 were first-timers. Considering that every donation can save 6 lives, this is 774 lives that were saved by the St. Lawrence community.  

Hema Québec is very happy with our organization. A special thanks to Victoria Cain-Duquet, Adiba Chowdhury, Victoria Chouinard and their great group of volunteers. They worked very hard to make this blood drive a success.

Considering that about 750 students are 18 years old and over, which allow them to give blood, St. Lawrence has always been one of the best blood drives in the region. “We are always impressed with the great organization of the event and the ratio donors/students at St. Lawrence” says Sylvie Fortier from Hema Québec.

Thank you to all for your participation and see you next year!

Please remember that "giving blood is a brief, noble act for the donor, but one that completely transforms the life of the recipient".

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