Educational Trip to Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain May 21 – May 31, 2018

In May 2018, 17 SLC students spent 11 days on a cultural trip through Switzerland, Italy France and Spain.

During their journey, they traversed four countries, beginning with Switzerland’s alpine charm.

After a direct flight to Zürich, Switzerland and exploring the city, the students visited Lucerne and ventured to the top of Mount Pilatus, the majestic 6,387-foot peak that towers over Lucerne. They took a boat across Lake Lucerne and then rode the Pilatus cog railway—the steepest in the world—to the top.

After Switzerland, the travelers discovered Lake Como and the Italian Riviera’s rugged coastline and explored the Cinque Terre Region, a world heritage site, by train and on foot and went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

From Italy, the trip went on to the French Riviera and Provence. The students discovered Nice, stopped to smell the flowers in a perfumery and learned about the rich history of Provence—home to great artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and Renoir. In Avignon, it was a must to sing “Sur le Pont d’Avignon” walking on the famous bridge. Nîmes offered its old Roman charm and the travelers admired the Roman architecture of the Pont du Gard and the Roman Amphitheater. The last stop in France was in Carcassonne, a hilltop town in southern France’s Languedoc area that is famous for its medieval citadel, La Cité, with numerous watchtowers and double-walled fortifications.

The students finished the trip in Spain with a flourish by enjoying the Catalan flavor of Barcelona where so many things were to discover, such as La Sagrada Família, the Gothic Quarter, the Park Güell, the Montjuïc, Las Ramblas etc.

Everyone greatly enjoyed discovering typical food and drinks of all countries and regions they visited.

All travellers had a wonderful and inspiring time of discovering and exploring new cultures in Europe and enhancing their global awareness on site with great enthusiasm.


On the next SLC trip in May 2019, the students can discover Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy (Venice and Verona).
The information meeting will be on Sept 6th, in room 347-348 at 12:30.
So, come and join us, with friends, on our next most exciting cultural discovery tour to Europe in May 2019!

Gabriele Messinger

Project coordinator