BLOOM Communications – Social Media Marketing in the SLC

On Thursday October 4th, Bloom Communications, St. Lawrence College’s student-run communications firm, was proud to provide its first training session on social media marketing in the SLC Boardroom.

Present were 10 students who are part of the agency, 4 of Blooms’ clients, and 3 members of the advisory council. The presenters were introduced by Bloom president Ugo Langlois. The presenters included P.W. Sims Business Program professors: Karina Brassard, Dominic Fournier and Paul Bleau; English professor: Patrick Savard; Bloom mentors: Jean- François Larouche (President of Larouche Marketing Communication and la SOCOM) and Daphné Laliberté (PW Sims Business program`s top graduate of 2017 and current marketing student at Laval University).

Attendees got to learn about key platforms, legal issues, use of proper grammar, key tools and content management, and they also had an opportunity to view real cases. Students had a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the real world of social media marketing.