Victoria Chouinard, "Personnalité de l’année de l’avenir " by La Presse

Victoria Chouinard, a first-year Sciences student at Champlain St. Lawrence, was recently named as “Personnalité de l’année de l’avenir” by La Presse. Her recent research on identifying marine species with a new method of referencing based on DNA, won First Prize, the highest distinction available at the Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, Quebec Final. She then presented her research as part of the Quebec delegation at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, at which she was selected to represent Canada at the MILSET Expo-science International 2017.
The article available in La Presse+ highlights Victoria’s preoccupation with the place of women in Scientific fields. It is important for her the young women understand that they have their place in Sciences.
The entire Champlain St. Lawrence community is extremely proud of Victoria’s accomplishments and wishes to congratulate her on this prestigious nomination.