SLC Tech Crew Pilot Project

In 2017, Cegep Champlain – St. Lawrence became the home of a new auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art sound equipment and retractable seating. This long-awaited addition to the college is not only meant to benefit the arts within the school but also to serve as a venue for the Quebec City Anglophone community to hold cultural events, shows and banquets. Few knew that this auditorium would soon be the training ground for SLC’s very first Tech Crew!


With funding received through the Entente Canada Quebec partnership, it became possible to prepare 4 workshops covering the main elements of stage tech. This includes stage lighting, stage sound, auditorium security and overall stage management techniques. This first attempt at coordinating a group of techs was to serve as operational research to determine if the project can be sustained within the years to come. A small group of students participated, and the consensus is clear. We need more opportunities to put into practice what has been largely theoretical. SLC hopes that the program will continue for the benefit of our up-and-coming techs.