The Champlain St. Lawrence 2018 graduation ceremony was held Friday, May 25th  at the Centre Montmartre.  Here are a few highlights from the ceremony:

Over $20,000 were given on bursaries and scholarships during the evening. The biggest laureate of the evening was Amélie Morin, graduate from our Arts, Literature and Communication Program. She was the recipient for both, the Highest Academic Achievement Award and the Governor’s General Medal for the Highest Overall Academic Achievement.

You can find the complete list of names of the recipients on our 2017 - 2018 Scholarship & Bursary Winners List.

Mathieu Dorval was also a big winner at this year’s graduation.  He walked away with the Citadel Foundation - P.W. Sims Memorial Scholarship, presented to a student with outstanding performance in the Business Administration program. He also received the LOMA Industrial Alliance Award, given to the student that demonstrated excellence internship performance in both LOMA training programs. Later during the evening, Mathieu’s involvement was also recognized with the St. Lawrence Professionals’ Union ICare Award given to the student who demonstrated dedication and community spirit through long-term involvement.

Philippe Paquin-Piché, outgoing SLCSA president, represented the 2018 graduating class and gave a very moving and touching graduation closing speech:

“Thank you fellow students for making St. Lawrence the wonderful place it has been over the past few years. You all have contributed in the making of St. Lawrence as the incredible college that it is, and I believe it is for that reason exactly that I have yet to meet someone who didn’t enjoy their experience at our school. Through its small communities, St. Lawrence allowed us to have unprecedented opportunities to work in close quarters with teachers, staff and fellow classmates.”

The St. Lawrence community wishes our graduates all the best in their future endeavours.