The SLCSA presents: the Lion's Den

Once again this year, the Lion's Den is back with a still very appealing prize! Indeed, you may get up to 10 000$ in funding for any project that is bound to embellish the school or its services in any way! Be bold, be smart, take a chance!

You always had that nagging idea, but refrained from developing it fearing you'd need too much money? Now's the time to go ahead and DO IT!

The SLCSA is awaiting presentation letters, which can be submitted along with an estimated summary of expenses, or any other relevant document. You can never be too sharp! Once the selection committee selects the 3 best projects, students will be prompted to vote for their favorite project, and the most popular one shall be finally be funded! 

You may now get to work, we're eager to see what you got in store!