St. Lawrence Students Awarded at the Ose-Entreprendre Challenge Gala

 The OseEntreprendre Challenge honored its participants on Tuesday evening, April 4th, during the annual local gala. Three St. Lawrence projects were qualified in the two categories, which are individual and group projects.

Individual/Small Group Project Winner:

Yousra Imane Benaskeur and Émilie Lambert-Cyr led a Medical Brigade trip to Nicaragua from January 3rd to the 13th 2017. A group of thirteen students from CÉGEP Champlain-St. Lawrence took part in a medical, dental, public health, and water brigade to Nicaragua with the Global Brigades Organization. The group has managed to combine academic success with the organization and planning of this activity.

Group Project Winner:

Eco. St- Lo, the St. Lawrence environmental group, presented a project to enhance recycling inside the college. Led by Audrey Poirier and Juliette Richard, “The Green Project” received the OseEntreprendre local award in the group project category. It also received a contribution from the student association to bring this project to life.

OSEntreprendre Challenge:

The OSEntreprendre Challenge is the main activity of OSEntreprendre. The mission is to inspire entrepreneurship in order to help build a proud, innovative committed and prosperous Québec. The aim of an entrepreneurial project is to create a product, service or event with a view to satisfying a need or demand in the community, finding a solution to a problem or improving a situation for a target audience that goes beyond the project participants themselves. This makes it possible to identify and promote entrepreneurial initiatives. To this end, it organizes a recognition process at the local, regional and provincial levels, showcasing the work of some 40 000 participants who dare to rise to the Challenge.

Award winners received a bursary of $125 from Cegep Champlain St. Lawrence and will now participate in the regional final on May 3rd. A regional winner will be chosen in each category, among the 5 different cegeps, and will represent the “Capitale-Nationale” at the national gala in june.

A special mention to the “Book Market” project by the St. Lawrence Entrepreneurship Club, who were also candidates in the group project category.

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Top picture : Yousra-Imane Benaskeur, Émilie Lambert-Cyr from the SLC Global Brigade with Jérémie Ouellet, OseEntreprendre local representative.

Bottom Picture : Juliette Richard, Audrey Poirier and Melissa Lemelin from Eco. St. Lo with Jérémie Ouellet, OseEntreprendre local representative.