SLC student Yousra-Imane Benaskeur organizes a medical brigade to Nicaragua with the Global Brigades Organization

From January 3rd to the 13th, a group of thirteen students from CÉGEP Champlain-St. Lawrence led by Yousra-Imane Benaskeur took part in a medical, dental, public health, and water brigade to Nicaragua with the Global Brigades Organization. Through their diverse specialized programs, Global Brigades aims at encouraging students to collaborate with Central American communities to help them achieve sustainable development goals. With this brigade, the students participated in setting up a three-day mobile clinic in collaboration with Wellesley College. This clinic allowed 900 members from the Santa Teresa community and its surroundings to access healthcare. The students also participated to the construction of sanitary infrastructures, including a shower, a latrine and a septic tank, for three families from the Encuentros de San Gabriel community as well as concrete floors for three other families. They finally contributed to an important water project aiming to give access to potable water to five communities, by working with one of these: Mesa del Ocote community. The trip was not only enriching for the students who could experience diverse forms of implication and open up to another culture, but also for the Nicaraguan community members who could take part in a unique exchange that was enhanced by the great collaboration between them and the brigade volunteers!