Morrin Centre and SLC Reaches Out Pick-a-Book project a perfect partnership

Marjorie Lepage, a student taking part in the SLC Reaches Out Leadership Program came up with the Pick-a-Book inititiave and presented it to librarian Deborah van der Linde at the Morrin Centre. The first session took place on Januray 21 and is followed by three other sessions ending March 18th.

To prepare for Pick-a-Book, Marjorie and her team of volunteers asked for book donations. This was a success, allowing for them to fill four boxes that will be donated to the Morrin Centre once the program is over.

The children who attend Pick-a-Book are offered a group reading followed by a short discussion. Then the children are paired with a volunteer and they take turns reading.

For more informaiton or to read the complete article by Rachel Collet from the Chronicle-Telegraph, January 25th, pease follow this link: