Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony

The Champlain St. Lawrence 2017 graduation ceremony was held Friday, May 26th at the Centre Montmartre.  Here are a few highlights from the ceremony:

Each department recognized the achievements of students in their courses.  You can see the recipients on the 2017 Meritorious Citations List.

Over $23,000 were given on bursaries and scholarships during the evening. The biggest laureate of the evening was Andréanne Lachance, graduate from our Science Program, Health science profile.  She was the recipient of the Governor’s General Medal for the Highest Overall Academic Achievement. You can find the complete list of names of the recipients on our 2016 - 2017 Scholarship & Bursary Winners List.

Jérémie Bédard was also a big winner at this year’s graduation.  He walked away with the P.W. Sims Memorial Scholarship, presented to a student with outstanding performance in the Business Administration program. the Cardinal Roy Trophy, presented to the graduating student who best combines leadership and academic excellence, and was recognized for his nomination as a Loran Scholar.

Benjamin Huot, outgoing SLCSA president, represented the 2017 graduating class and gave a very moving and touching graduation closing speech:

" Through this never ending quest to fill-in our insatiable cravings, we’ve gone through an important step of our lives, becoming adults.  However, being an adult involves many things. When we were teens in high school, we wanted more freedom. Then in Cégep, we came to understand that more freedom meant more responsibilities and then here we are, in our first years of adulthood ready to pursue the challenges awaiting next, but knowing fairly well we now have all the necessary abilities and tools necessary to do so because of our presence here today.

Regardless of the fact that our passage at St. Lawrence will have been one of the shortest in our educational path, it will occupy a special spot in my heart in part because of the dedicated faculty and staff."

The St. Lawrence community wishes our graduates all the best in their future endeavours.