Theatre production: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

Tickets available through our students and at the door. 10$


  • Thursday, March 21st @ 20h00
  • Friday, March 22nd @ 20h00
  • Saturday, March 23rd @ 20h00

CÉGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence campus
IA Financial Group Auditorium

Director: Samantha Clavet
Assistant-director: Charlie Gaudreau
Set and costumes designer: Dominique Giguère
Sound designer: Annie Préfontaine


  • FAUSTUS (Charles Bouchard)
  • MEPHISTOPHELES (Marie-André Tanguay)
  • LUCIER (Gabriela Flor)
  • BEELZEBUB (Zachary Fouquet)
  • EVIL ANGEL / WAGNER (Mathilde Veilleux)
  • VALDES (DEVIL) (Fédérick Camirand)
  • CORNELIUS (DEVIL) (Évelyne Pineault)
  • GOOD ANGEL (Laurie Ferland)
  • PRIDE (Sofiya Kuznetsova)
  • COVETOUSNESS (GREED) (Vincent-Xavier Ouellet)
  • WRATH (Finn Offer)
  • ENVY (Allysen Ward)
  • GLUTTONY (Brendan Kane)
  • SLOTH (Edward Le)
  • LECHERY (LUST) (Aurore Moutier)