The Blue Week at St.Lawrence

Again this year, Champlain St. Lawrence College will be organizing activities for students and staff around the prevention and education of mental health issues during what we call ‘Blue week’.

Tuesday, February 6th we will focus on the topic of suicide prevention with the Centre de Prevention du Suicide as well as our local suicide sentinels and with the help of our students from the Health and Wellness club. They will all be in the Atrium to meet with the students.

Thursday, February 8th will be more general topics (and in an atmosphere of fun) related to positive coping strategies, education around mental health issues, and health and nutrition which has a direct impact on mental health. These activities will also be done in collaboration with experts in the community such as Voice of English-Speaking Quebec, Jeffery Hale Community Services and the Canadian Mental Health Association.


Tuesday, February 6th activities:

  • Kiosk Centre de prévention du suicide
  • Kiosk-local school Sentinels

Thursday, February 8th activities:

  • Yoga at lunch (12:40 - 1:30), sign-up sheet at student services office)
  • Kiosk Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Jeffery Hale Community Services professionals –mental health wheel of fortune with cotton candy
  • Be Active Quebec-Smoothly bike
  • Stress ball making table with Health and Wellness Club
  • Prizes and more…