SLC Theatre Presentation: FLAMING YOUTH

Thursday April 6th, Friday April 7th and Saturday April 8th

Time: 20:00, tickets are sold 10.00$ and may be purchased in room 272 or through the cast.

SLC Auditorium

A creation based on the works of William Shakespeare.

Directed by : Emile Beauchemin

Assistant Director: Frédérik Boutin-Bigras

Lighting Design: Mylène Turcotte

Set, costumes and accessories: Laurie Carrier

Music: André Abat Roy

Consultants: Clotilde Rieant and Bill Black

Cast: David Boily, Arian Boivin, Marc-Antoine Carrière, Hannah Forest Braind, Benjamin Larose-Giroux,Louis Lortie, Eve-Marie Marceau, Sabrina Juhasz and Sandra Soulard


Synopsis: It's four in the morning. The party has exploded everywhere on the floor, the walls and clear up to the ceiling. A single element stays intact: a banner that reads HAPPY BIRTHDAY for someone nobody seems to know. As the few people remaining have a final drink or sing one last song, a storm brews outside. The rain comes pouring down, tensions between everyone in this dying party increase. No one can escape. With a final burst of thunder, they are all thrown into darkness. What awaits them until sunrise?