12:30 in the Auditorium, portfolio presentations, Reaches Out Leadership Program

Student Leaders that participated in the SLC Reaches Out Leadership Program will present their projects to the SLC community on Thursday March 16th at 12:30 in the auditorium. All are welcome to hear how they chose their community projects and their hard work over the past 6 months to complete them.

What is the Reaches Out Leadership Program?
The “Reaches out” program has two goals: 1) to give students (team leaders) training as well as a hands-on opportunity to gain leadership and project management skills and 2) to help raise awareness of the needs of various community programs and to volunteer.

Students are invited to participate in the Reaches Out program for their academic results and leadership skills to have the opportunity to be guided in a project of their choice. Created in 2008, the Reaches out program encourages students to improve their leadership skills by developing a project of their own.

To complete the Reaches Out program, participants must respect five guidelines:
The project must be entirely volunteer and engage students for a minimum of 60 hours;
The project must be completed within one year;
The project must reflect values of caring, respect and a sense of community;
The project must involve a minimum of 5 volunteers excluding the leader.
Participants are offered a leadership training and are assigned a mentor to help them throughout the year.
The program takes place from August to February each year.

Example of past projects:
Yousra-Imande Benaskeur: Medical Brigade to Nicaragua
Lélia Halus: Music concerts in retirement homes around Christmas time. 
Marjorie Lepage Pick-a-Book Description: To visit a hospital/youth center and read to kids who are going through a difficult time.
Isabelle Marceau: 12 hour music marathon to raise funds
Eve Marie Marceau: “Pimp your clothes"/«La commune à coudre» is an organism promoting clothes' exhange, repairs and donation throughout the community. 
Elizabeth Deng and Philippe Cain Ste-Croix: Operation Christmas Child. Preparing shoe boxes filled with items to be sent to under developed countries.
Andrea Andrade Chapal : Nage-o-thon pour la société canadienne du cancer
Justine Bergeron, Carolyne Gosselin and Élizabeth Gosselin : un panier à la fois (food baskets)
Sebastian Claros : Volunteered at the Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec
Marie-Hélène Lyonnais : Collective cooking activity
Gael Chetail : weekend camp for children suffereing from juvenil arthirits
Cedric Yargeau : Student outdoor rest area
Gabrielle Massicotte : Tree planting