Individual Meetings

If you are currently attending St. Lawrence, you may book an appointment online with the Guidance Counsellor by logging into Omnivox.  You will have the option of selecting an appointment according to your needs (e.g. quick question or follow-up meeting for career counselling).

Work with a guidance counsellor may sometimes be short-term and focused on providing specific information; however, often times, if you are feeling completely lost, stuck, feeling anxious about decisions or highly unmotivated, regular meetings are scheduled to help you figure out how to get unstuck and give you tools to help you find a path that fits you.

Tools Online to Help You Reflect and Choose

Explore careers with Big Future. An American site that has some interesting tools on how to discover careers by searching interests, learning from other students who had to choose, or putting together several interests and coming up with new career ideas.

Government of Canada Job Bank 
Find available jobs, wages, outlooks, and job requirements specific to an occupation and location.

Heading for Success
Explore vocational programs or CEGEP technical programs by completing an aptitude test

Real Talk 
A site that regroups career stories by sector (i.e. caring, handy, social, changemaker). Read their stories. Find out what they originally wanted to be and how they ended up doing the job they are doing today. 



Take the SchoolFinder student personality quiz and find out about your strengths and some pitfalls that may lie in your path ahead. You'll also get tips on how to play to your strengths and ways to improve.

Université de Montréal – Test Cursus (Cursus is a tool that was developed and edited by Septembre éditeur and adapted by Yves Maurais, Guidance Counsellor, to help discover bachelor programs at l’Université de Montréal).

Questionnaire RIASEC Profile ( in French)

Available on the website. 

Take this quiz to discover your Holland code. These personality types are based on John Holland's work in career development. He developed a theory that explained people's preference for certain work environments, and their level of satisfaction, depended on certain personality traits and interests. There are six Holland codes and six corresponding work environments. 

Food for Thought

"Psychologists are discovering what makes work meaningful — and how to create value in any job."

Article by Kirsten Weir, December 2013, Vol 44, No. 11

"It’s a paradox: Shouldn’t the most accomplished be well equipped to make choices that maximize life satisfaction?"
 Read article

A practical guide available online for students to help them understand their indecisiveness (UQAM – Services à la vie étudiante)

Stories about how some of Queen’s University Arts & Science graduates’ found their way.

Group Sessions

Throughout the year, information workshops will be offered to students and will cover various subjects related to university admissions, program requirements, information on scholarships and bursaries, etc. 

Information sessions will be published in the school's e-newsletter and on your portal (career counselling community). 


Career Counselling: Finding your Path

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed because you can’t decide what your next step will be? You’re not alone. Join a group to know more about yourself and to help you prepare to make a career choice. Participate in activities with other students and share your experiences in a respectful, trusting environment.

Interested? Contact the Guidance Counsellor to be informed when a group will be starting up.