2018-2019 Hockey

Men's Hockey

Our Men's Hockey team is a member of the RSEQ Men's D1 Hockey Provincial League. The league is currently composed of 12 colleges from all over the province.

We are 5 times Provincial Champions (2010-2011-2012-2014-2016) and two-time Regular Season champions (2014-2016).

Tryouts: The team holds an annual Spring camp during the first weekend of May, where players are first-evaluated. This is followed by our official selection camp which starts in the second week of August. For more information, contact Mike Labadie, Associate Head Coach (mikelabadie@slc.qc.ca)

Practices: The team practices three times per week on-ice and once a week off-ice according to the following schedule: Mondays 16:30-18:00 off-ice conditioning followed by mandatory study hall for all players. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 14:30-16:00.

Competition Calendar: The calendar is composed of 6 pre-season games, 36 regular-season games, followed by a 4-round playoff format. Games are held on weekends only to ensure class attendance.

Cost: 4242$/year taxes included

You will find the schedule, results and standings and detailed player statistics on the RSEQ website.



Chouinard Guy 1

Chouinard Guy

Labadie Mike 2

Labadie Mike

General Manager / Associate Coach
Côté Jocelyn 3

Côté Jocelyn

Goaltending Coach
Letellier Yanick 4

Letellier Yanick

Tremblay Christian 5

Tremblay Christian

Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Radoux Luke 6

Radoux Luke

Pedagogical Counsellor
Guillemette Guy 7

Guillemette Guy

Equipment Manager
Lirette Chantal 8

Lirette Chantal

Assistant Equipment Manager


Duquet David 29

Duquet David

Desbiens Xavier 31

Desbiens Xavier

Têtu Marc-Antoine 30

Têtu Marc-Antoine

Goaltender (Affiliate)
Beaudoin Tristan 32

Beaudoin Tristan

Goaltender (Affiliate)
Bernier Gabriel 22

Bernier Gabriel

Right Wing
Bérubé Jean-Christophe 10

Bérubé Jean-Christophe

Right wing
Boulanger Eliott 52

Boulanger Eliott

Left Defenseman
Bussière Mathieu 16

Bussière Mathieu

Right Wing
Descheneaux Jérémy 7

Descheneaux Jérémy

Drolet Charles 12

Drolet Charles

Left Wing
Drouin Félix 8

Drouin Félix

Left Defenseman
Dubois-Fitzgerald Shannon 77

Dubois-Fitzgerald Shannon

Right Defenseman
Duclos François-Xavier 25

Duclos François-Xavier

Right Defenseman
Dufour Samuel 27

Dufour Samuel

Left Wing
Fontaine Raphaël 2

Fontaine Raphaël

Left Defenseman
Fortin Philippe 15

Fortin Philippe

Left Defenseman
Gignac Antoine 4

Gignac Antoine

Left Defenseman
Guillemette Hugo 24

Guillemette Hugo

Gullotti Carmelo 20

Gullotti Carmelo

Left Wing
Knox Tyler 74

Knox Tyler

Landry Emile 5

Landry Emile

Left Defenseman
Larue Charles 18

Larue Charles

Ouellet Guillaume 21

Ouellet Guillaume

Right Wing
Pellerin Jérémy 9

Pellerin Jérémy

Plante Émerick 71

Plante Émerick

Right Defenseman
Poupard Julien 19

Poupard Julien

Left Wing
Richard Nathan D. 41

Richard Nathan D.

Left Wing
Roy Jordan 54

Roy Jordan

Right Wing
Tardif-Leroux Thomas 44

Tardif-Leroux Thomas

Left Wing
Tremblay Karl-Antoine 47

Tremblay Karl-Antoine