The St. Lawrence community rallies for Ukraine

The last weeks in Ukraine have been tough for many citizens. As this humanitarian and environmental crisis unfolds in that country, many St. Lawrence students and faculty felt the need to do something. Teachers and students met and asked one simple question; "What can we do?"

Two possible ideas were proposed 

  • The organization of an event to promote awareness and raise funds
  • a Red Cross partnership to raise funds

"First, we thought that getting informed is probably our first duty to show solidarity with people who are affected by this war. We are looking into organizing a luncheon fundraising activity in the Auditorium with some music and some guest speakers to address the impact of this war on two levels: the macro-level of global politics and the micro-level of families who are directly affected by the war.  We do not have a date yet."

For now, the most immediate part of fundraising has been taken care of. The partnership with the Canadian Red Cross already has a donation web page up and running. The Eco-St. Lo (a student environmental group) has already donated their year's Fair Trade sales profit as well. 



To donate, make sure to click here

For now, the event to promote awareness is in the planning stages. The school is open to suggestions and help in this matter. All those interested in giving their help can contact any of the following people 

Lisa Birch, Suzanne Lemay, Andrée-Anne Giguère, Geneviève Ribordy, Meagan Daley, Olivia Gallego-Cormier, Fred Martin via our directory or by calling the reception at the school.