St. Lawrence represented at the Concours CPA en herbe this year

ST. Lawrence CPAs represent!
On Saturday, February 19, twelve St. Lawrence business students participated in an online CPA contest called Concours CPA en herbe. In teams of three, they took a quiz on general knowledge of accounting, business and current affairs. These students also learned more about the path leading to obtaining the title of CPA.
The contest was an initiative of the CPA section of Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, presented in collaboration with all CPA sections of Quebec.
We did not scoop up any prizes this time around but according to Justin Mc Nicoll-Tardif
"it was fun to learn more on this profession with the other 2nd-year teams..."
Way to go guys!
Lets thank
Shown on this picture: Justin Mc Nicoll-Tardif, Guillaume Grimard, Xavier Leclerc, Karleen Jacob, Mélina Bouchard, Dominic Boissinot, Damien Formichelli, Nathan Dion Larivière, Chloé Proulx. Absent on this picture: Thomas Delisle, Samuel Barbeau and Thomas Simoneau.