In-person graduation ceremony for the class of 2022

Last Friday, June 3rd, St Lawrence CEGEP held its first in-person graduation ceremony in two years. The turnout for the class of 2022 was amazing! Faculty, staff, and students were overcome with appreciation.


The graduation ceremony consisted of class presentations, awards, and a small cocktail after the event.



Here is a list of the Class of 2022 award recipients


S.L.C. Out-of-Town Student Award - Québec City Women's Club ($500)

Tatiana Maeva Fongang Fouepe


P.W. Sims Memorial Scholarship - Citadel Foundation ($3000)

Thomas Delisle


Dr. Guthrie Memorial Scholarship - Citadel Foundation ($3000)

Elisabeth Mc Candless


Puissance Onze ($300)

Alexis Lacroix


Professionals’ Union True grit ($500)

John Lyod Casiano


François-Jacques Roussin Award ($500)

Olivia Gallego-Cormier


St. Lawrence Alumni Foundation Award ($700)

Éléonore Halasz


St. Lawrence Alumni Foundation Cultural Award

Etienne Collin


Reverend P.S. Mifflen Award ($700)

Alexia Thiffault


Beneva Multitalented Scholarships – Resilience ($2000)

Louis Bérubé, Amani Jet’aime, Etienne Collin


Beneva Resilience Scholarships – Leadership ($2000)

Isabelle Zang, Cristina Cazassus


CRC Foundation Award ($1000)

Florence Bernier


St. Lawrence Teachers’ Union Bursary ($2000)

Charles Castonguay


Loran Scholarship

Myriam Awa Diedhiou “distinction of Honour Citation”

Camille Larose was a semi-finalist


Schulich Leader Scholarship recipient $80,000

Etienne Collin


Glenn Gavin Scholarships for Language and Culture ($1500)

Florence culet, Maxime Génion Perron


Lieutenant-Governor Award

Éléonore Halasz and Zahra Hassan Doualeh​


AQPC Excellence in Teaching Award

Martin Dufour


St. Lawrence College Student Association Teacher Recognition Award

Stephen Hawkins


Highest Academic Achievement in the Science program ($1000)

Marie Ouellet


Highest Academic Achievement in Double DEC Science and Social Science programs ($1000)

Béatrice Légasse


Highest Academic Achievement in the Social Science program ($1000)

Lauriane Blanchette


Highest Academic Achievement in Double DEC Social Science and ALC programs ($1000)

Lauryanne Cloutier


Highest Academic Achievement in the Business program ($1000)

Zachary Bacon


Highest Academic Achievement in the ALC program ($1000)

Jessica Parent


Highest Overall Academic Achievement Award & Board of Governors' Merit Award ($1000)

Marie Ouellet


Class of 2022, good luck in all your endeavours!